The healing power of healthy soil is nothing short of a miracle. Healthy soil holds more microorganisms in one teaspoon than there are humans on the planet! Those microorganisms ensure that our food is nutritious, stores carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere, and helps give soil structure so it can act like a giant water-holding sponge, and regulate soil temperature, which is essential for healthy food water and climate security. Given the countless benefits healthy soil provides to society and our environment, it is crucial that we steward, cultivate and protect it.

Here are the facts:

Due to declining soil health, many of today’s fruits and vegetables have lost up to 80% of certain micronutrients over the last eighty years.

Along with having more micronutrients, crops grown in healthy carbon-rich soils tend to be less vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Carbon is a greenhouse gas that blankets the earth and traps heat. The extra heat retained causes extreme weather and climate change.

Healthy soil traps carbon pollution and is one of our greatest allies for addressing climate change.

Healthy soil supports our planet’s biodiversity, as it is home to a quarter of all known life.

Take Action:

Buy organic food and from farmers practicing regenerative agriculture. By doing so you are supporting healthier soil and a healthier you.

Start with your backyard: Learn to compost your kitchen scraps and garden clippings to feed your soil or community garden plot. Connect with your Local Master Gardeners for access to resources and top-notch advice.

Check out our Food and Climate Fact Sheet for more composting tips. For Los Angeles residents, you can learn more about composting classes and cheap composting bins here.

Visit Center for Food Safety’s Soil Solutions Campaign website and watch the videos to learn more about soil as our climate ally.

Join our friends at Kiss the Ground, a non-profit dedicated to building healthy soils and educate yourself further by watching their great soil video on their website.

Watch this entertaining clip on composting at home with Oprah and Julia Roberts;