HFG at Choose Health LA Kids Español event

Hollywood Food Guild paid a visit to Spanish-speaking mothers participating in the Choose Health LA Kids Project, a local initiative of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. People have a hard enough time navigating food labels in English, could you imagine trying to do so with English as your second language? That is why we were invited to share what all of our food labels mean and tips for avoiding GE foods including why you want to avoid them in the first place.

One participant shared a story of a relative that had come to the United States to work on farms where he was not properly informed of how to safely apply pesticides or safely work in fields with pesticides. When he began to form a family, both of his children suffered birth defects. This story provides yet another reason to buy organic when possible, to protect the health of farm workers.

Over all our team felt privileged to share our knowledge with mothers and we assured them that even though the chemical companies have strong political power (read: money), they too have power to demand organic and spark change one plate at a time. “Thanks for talking about these issues, we need to wake up our community,” said a woman from the audience. Thank YOU, we couldn’t agree more!

“Thanks for talking about these issues. We need to wake up our community!”

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