Food Voices: Videos

Deidre Hall on Why It’s Important to Choose Organic

Deidre Hall has been playing the role of the glamorous Dr. Marlena Evans on NBC’s Days of Our Lives for over 40  years! In real life, Deidre is down to earth and not afraid to get her hands dirty gardening and composting. MORE

The Monsanto Years – On Tour With Neil Young

For years, Neil Young has used his voice through his music for social justice issues, working specifically as a strong ally for farmers. This past year, Young released his newest album titled The Monsanto Years, calling out Monsanto. MORE

How We Can Come Together to Save the Monarchs

Monarch butterfly population numbers have declined by 90 percent since the mid-1990s. Their main population is now only one extreme storm away from being wiped out. MORE

Save Our Bees with Moby

Join Moby, the award-winning musician, DJ and activist, as he takes us on a tour of his four-acre property atop the Hollywood Hills to share his special connection with the 30,000 bees that call it home. We have bees to thank for one out of three bites of food we eat, but they’re dying and need our help. Here Moby offers simple, concrete actions for how you can reverse this trend and save our bees. MORE

Food Voices: Promo Trailer

Food Voices is an original interview series, created by Hollywood Food Guild. The series features top entertainers, and influencers sharing their stories and personal experiences around food, health, body, and environmental issues.