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Food Voices: Latest Videos

Deidre Hall on Why It’s Important to Choose Organic

Deidre Hall has been playing the role of the glamorous Dr. Marlena Evans on NBC’s Days of Our Lives for over 40  years! In real life, Deidre is down to earth and not afraid to get her hands dirty gardening and composting. MORE

The Monsanto Years – On Tour With Neil Young 

For years, Neil Young has used his voice through his music for social justice issues, working specifically as a strong ally for farmers. This past year, Young released his newest album titled The Monsanto Years, calling out Monsanto. MORE

Save Our Bees with Moby

Join Moby, the award-winning musician, DJ and activist, as he takes us on a tour of his four-acre property atop the Hollywood Hills to share his special connection with the 30,000 bees that call it home. MORE

  • “Animals are being EXPLOITED in such an unbelievable way; it's not ACCEPTABLE.”

    Alicia Silverstone
  • “The reality of animal factories is SHOCKING. They destroy the planet and the environment. 40 billion animals born into SUFFERING. It’s the worst chronic disaster in the history of the world.”

    Russell Simmons
  • “How we treat the VULNERABLE is how we define ourselves as a SPECIES.”

    Russell Brand
  • “Factory farming of animals will be one of the things we look back on as a RELIC of a less-evolved age.”

    Natalie Portman
  • “Without SOIL, humans could not exist. The soil is aching, broken, withering away. Are you paying ATTENTION?”

    Edward Norton
  • “Our planet’s ALARM is going off, and it is time to wake up and take ACTION!”

    Leonardo DiCaprio
  • "When it comes to GMOs, currently, my motto is, ‘If it’s not on the LABEL, it’s not on my table'."

    Frances Fisher
  • "I'd like to provide information, INSPIRATION, and access to whatever goods and services are needed to make it super easy for everyone to change their lifestyle to a SUSTAINABLE one."

    Daryl Hannah
  • "Food SUSTAINS our bodies, minds and souls, and as a mother, I feel it is my RESPONSIBILITY to know what I am feeding my family. We need transparency in our food industry."

    Gisele Bundchen
  • "In my opinion, organic is not as mainstream as it SHOULD be; it's gotten a reputation of being ELITIST or highbrow. The reality is, food should be organic for EVERYONE. Food is life. Everyone deserves a HEALTHY, happy life."

    Jillian Michaels
  • “Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts — it starts with a shift in CONSCIOUSNESS that allows you to recognize that with every choice you make, you are VOTING either for or against the kind of world you wish to see.”

    Ian Somerhalder
  • "Many folks don't feel they can AFFORD organic. While this may be true in some cases, I think more often than not it's a question of PRIORITY. The petrochemical giants - DuPont, Monsanto - make huge money by POISONING us."

    Woody Harrelson
  • "The inhumane factory farming process regards animals and the natural world merely as COMMODITIES to be exploited for profit."

    Ellen Page
  • "A fundamental interest in preserving the environment is itself FASHIONABLE."

    Giorgio Armani
  • "For the first time in recorded human HISTORY, we have the FATE of the whole planet in our hands."

    Chrissie Hynde
  • "The meter is TICKING in the face of climate change. We want our kids to grow up with REAL natural places, not just photos of them."

    Robert Redford
  • "If we want to SAVE the planet, then I think we need to start saving ourselves in order to do that. I believe that organic farming, among many other practices, can really start that SHIFT."

    Shailene Woodley
  • "EVERYBODY should be concerned with where our food comes from."

    Eva Longoria
  • "I want a cup of coffee, but I DON'T want a GMO."

    Neil Young
  • "I suggest you Google Roundup, Monsanto and GMOs and put your angst into something really THREATENING."

    Susan Sarandon
  • "We need to RECONNECT the dots with our food and know where it came from. The minute you know where you food came from, you get a connection with it – and you can ENJOY it that much more."

    Michelle Branch
  • "I use only ORGANIC foods for my son, and it made me THINK about what I put into my body, too."

    Kourtney Kardashian
  • "Chickens, cows, and pigs in factory farms spend their whole LIVES in filthy, cramped conditions, only to die a prolonged and painful death. I couldn't STAND the idea that I was supporting the extreme CRUELTY of factory farming."

    Casey Affleck